Project Description.

Value Ageing


“Value Ageing“ is a 48 month Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and pathways Action with the purpose of incorporating European fundamental values into ICT for ageing.

Good technology is not just about making something better; it is about doing something different and consequently making people think differently.

We need to understand both the way in which existing values are driving technology innovation, and how technology in its turn is changing people’s standards. Social scientists and ethicists should learn from technologists, and in their turn technologists should learn from scholars working on human values.
This makes a project like VALUE‐AGEING a vital instrument to incorporate fundamental EU principles in industrial strategies and technological awareness in policy setting.

Technology is not merely a means to an end; technical standards define major portions of social environments, human activities, life patterns, and so on. Values and policies are “frozen” in technology solutions. Embedding ethics and social considerations in technology implies understanding how technology is impacting society, what values are communicated to users by a technology or technological application, how technology choices are made at various decision making levels, and how different values can be built in technology by selecting different technological solutions and design options

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